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For whatever reason, heterosexual men and women seem to believe that gay men like myself hold secrets to everything wonderful and fabulous in life, including when it comes to knowing the best sex positions (and how to have truly great sex).

Before diving into the juicy stuff, I have a confession to make. Being a man of integrity and what not, I feel it's my duty to admit that we gay men don't really corner the market on sex positions. We are simply talented at naming and performing the positions (thankyouverymuch).

Yes, we gay men are quite proud to be known as the "Lewis and Clark" of sexual exploration/creation of new gay sex positions.

And of course, a few of these we take no credit for, other than credit for fully enjoying these positions to their fullest.

Here's a comprehensive expert guide to the best gay sex positions.

1. Missionary Sex Position

While this may sound basic and not at all interesting, this couldn't be further from the truth when you are two men doing the anal version of the missionary sex position

Both tops and bottoms can enjoy this position and it allows for greater communication and connection to be face-to-face while having anal sex. You can also kiss sweetly.

Missionary works the same for two men as it does for a man and a woman for the most part.

One guy (the bottom) lies on his back, legs open and raised up slightly. His partner (the top) positions himself on top, using his arms and legs to hold him steady while he inserts his penis into the anus. 

2. Doggie Style

The doggy style position is great for a good, hard, fast thrusting, the bottom is on hands and knees, backside to their partner's penis, while the top penetates his anus. 

This way the top can pull the bottom into him by holding onto his waist. This position also allows the bottom to either self-masturbate or be masturbated by the top.

If you're looking for variation, try flat doggie.

This involves the bottom flat on stomach, a silk covered pillow (of course) under his groin area, butt in an elevated position with the top flat out on top. The silk pillow is extra stimulating for the receiver if done correctly.

3. Side Doggie/Missionary

This is always a debate at my wine and cheese parties: Is it doggie or missionary if you're lying on your sides, back to chest? I say, who cares!

It's hot just having skin-to-skin contact and gives the top easy access to the bottom's chest, penis, legs, hair, and face — wherever they want to explore.

Of course, the limber yoga master bottom can also contort in this sex position to stroke the top with backhanded strokes, as well.

And, for those yoga-fanatical tops, you may also find yourself in a position to curl around the bottom's side to play with his nipples.

4. Cliff Diver

For you swimming enthusiasts, or those of you who just appreciate a man in a Speedo (a man in a Speedo who does a Speedo justice, that is), here's your chance to dive into your partner like you've never done before. 

Like the doggie style, the bottom gets on all fours on the ground. The top then gets behind the bottom and with proper lubrication and protection, enters the bottom.

The top then simultaneously stands and lifts their partner up by the thighs or waist so that the bottom can wrap his legs around the top's back. 

5. Back It In

Finally, it's time for the bottom to do some work. This gay sex position requires the top to sit in a chair, bringing his knees up to his chest, allowing his penis to be outward and forward.

The bottom backs into the position, allowing the penis to enter him.

Once the penis is inserted, it's time for the bottom to make it work by creating all the thrust and momentum.

6. Knee Up, Knee Up, Keep It Up

If you've never had your booty exposed, just know this gay sex position is about maximum exposure.

Think of it as a reverse child's pose in yoga. The bottom lays down on a couch (bed, floor, table, hood of a car, etc.) while the top grasps the bottom's ankles, calves or knees (whatever is comfortable for the bottom) and simultaneously pushes the legs back toward the bottom's chest as the top inserts his penis. The more the legs get pushed back, the tighter the backside feels.

Variation: Bottom stays in the same position while the top lays perpendicular and sideways to the bottom.

7. Rock, Rock, Rockin' In The Rocking Chair

Thank goodness I never caught grams and gramps in this position, or I would have sworn off of sex altogether. Besides, this gay sex position isn't for the frail or faint at heart.

Here's how to do it: the top lays back pulling knees to chest. The bottom sits backward between the top's legs, inserting top's penis into himself.

Once comfortable and fully astride, the bottom begins a rhythmic motion of rocking back and forth to his liking.

8. Rusty Trombone

This is a win for both the top and bortom, and it's a simple extension of a favorite (for most) sex position — 69!

For this one there is no top or bottom — it's equal roles, equal opportunity. One partner lies on his back on a bed, pool table, diving board, or floor (you get the point, a flat surface). Partner number two straddles the chest and positions his butt close to his partner's face. From there, your guy dives in to perform analingus

Important note: Showering and cleansing recommended before embarking upon this journey.

9. See-Saw

This gay sex position requires the giving partner to be in shape (eh, a little ab definition wouldn't hurt either), as they'll be getting a heck of a workout. Also, a chair is required.

This is the break down of how it works:

The top lies on the ground and props their calves up on a chair while keeping his body straight. The bottom straddles the top's legs and inserts penis into his partner. At that point, either party can begin the rhythmic motion of their choosing.

10. Squatter's Rights

This is for those who love performing fellatio, getting fellatio, and having your nipples played with. This is another mutual pleasure position.

One partner lies flat on their back, you know, wherever it feels good, while the other squats and hovers just over their partner's face, facing nipples and penis. While balancing, your partner reaches forward, grabs your nipples in each hand while simultaneously lowering himself into his partner's mouth.

A variation for the week-legged is to rest on your knees on either side of your partner's head. Analingus is a popular pastime in this position.

11. I Can Fly

For this gay sex position, the top sits in a chair trying to keep his body as elongated as possible. The bottom straddles the top facing toward him or away from him (both require the bottom to be capable of extreme feats of balance).

If the bottom is facing the top, straddled and mounted, with top's penis inside, the bottom leans back, allowing the top to grasp his wrists to facilitate balance. The bottom then lifts up his legs, and starts to fly through the air backward as the top controls the thrusting.

To fly like a superhero in this position, the bottom straddles the top, mounting and inserting top's penis into himself. Once mounted, the bottom leans forward, thrusting his arms backward to the top so that top can grasp the bottom's wrists. Once engaged, bottom lifts legs, flying forward with the greatest of ease, letting the top control the rhythm.

I'm not sure about you, but at this point I'm exhausted.

The thought of doing all of these may end up costing me $500 in chiropractor visits, plus an additional $1,000 in massages.

Nonetheless, enjoy and don't break too many coffee tables, limbs, or wear out your libido by attempting all these gay sex positions in one evening!

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